The Syntax and Information Structure of Unbounded Dependencies

The LFG 2014 conference will also be followed by the Workshop on Unbounded Dependencies in LFG. This workshop is organized as part of Alex Alsina’s grant “The Syntax and Information Structure of Unbounded Dependencies”. Participants at this workshop will include the collaborators on this grant, i.e. Mary Dalrymple, Louise Mycock, John Lowe, and Ash Asudeh, as well as many others.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

9:30 Introduction: Ron Kaplan, Nuance
10:10 Discussion

10:20 Simplifying the syntactic representation of unbounded dependencies in LFG: Alex Alsina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
11:00 Response: Dag Haug: University of Oslo
11:20 Discussion

11:30 break

11:50 Psycholinguistics: Philip Hofmeister, University of Essex
12:30 Response: Mary Dalrymple, University of Oxford
12:50 Discussion

1:00 lunch

2:00 A view from Minimalism: Rajesh Bhatt, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
2:40 Response: Ash Asudeh, University of Oxford/Carleton University
3:00 Discussion

3:10 break

3:30 Issues in the Representation of Information Structure: John Lowe and Louise Mycock, University of Oxford
4:10 Response: Tracy Holloway King, eBay
4:30 Discussion

4:40 General discussion